A place where best friends work.

At HSCC we're proud of our dynamic work environment and our dedicated and hard-working staff who bring great passion for animal welfare and compassion for the human companions to their daily work. Our population of animal residents changes almost every day; we're constantly seeing animals off as they head on to new homes and welcoming visitors who come our way for a variety of reasons. With an average of about 100 animals in our building on any given day, there's never a shortage of work to be done. Our workplace culture and philosophy are all about the team. You won't find any lone rangers or solo flyers here - we get our work done together, support one another, and fill the gaps when the gaps need filling. And we're here because we care - about animals, about our customers, about our communities, and about each other. We work together, share lunch together on most days, and, when time permits, play together too.

Our staffing needs change from time to time so, even if there are no positions open at the moment, please check back often.

Customer Care Manager (Full-time; Exempt)

Reports To: Shelter Director


The Customer Care Manager is responsible for the overall customer experience. S/he is responsible for ensuring all customers receive a high standard of service, and creates and maintains a positive and supportive environment for the public and staff. The Customer Care Manager is charged with big picture thinking to ensure efficiency and thoroughness and encouraged to make appropriate changes from forward-thinking shelter and adoption movements/trends. S/he oversees reception operations, including supervising the customer care staff and volunteers. The Customer Care Manager spearheads marketing and communication of featured pets in the media and administers the organization’s social media platforms. The position of Customer Care Manager includes administrative, supervisory, and personnel-related duties.


  • In collaboration with the Shelter Director, assists in the hiring, evaluation, supervision and dismissal of Customer Care staff
  • In collaboration with the Shelter Director and Animal Care Manager, assists in the hiring, evaluation, supervision and dismissal of Animal & Customer Care staff
  • Participate in weekly management team meetings to address short-term and long-term needs, review animal cases, aid with organizational strategic vision/planning and operational decision making including implementation and management of operational and organizational policies.
  • Manage social media platforms, including promotion, adoption and “happy tails” and respond to general inquiries
  • Manage adoption and customer care related content on the website
  • Develop, communicate, and track weekly and monthly featured pets with the media, maintain external relationships with promoters
  • Devise, design and execute adoption promotions to help move animals into homes in a timely manner and increase public awareness
  • Inventory and stock adoption-related supplies, including retail sales. Manage shelter expenses relating to adoptions and retail sales
  • Maintain publications and materials specific to adoptions, animal care and behavior, HSCC programs and other public resources
  • Manage phone system voicemail tree, update staff listings, maintain day, night, holiday and special closing messaging
  • Review and analyze visitor and adoption data to find trends, guide scheduling and visitor operations
  • Other administrative duties as directed


  • Train, supervise and effectively manage Customer Care staff and volunteers in daily adoption center operations, ensure customer service is exceptional at all times, oversee the facilitation of visitor/animal interactions to ensure a safe and pleasant experience
  • Model professionalism and exceptional customer service, ensure HSCC policies and guidelines are adhered to while providing a non-judgmental, positive experience for the public
  • Train Customer Care staff and volunteers to guide callers and visitors on humane animal care and behavioral issues, counsel potential adopters through the entire adoption process, including follow-up communication
  • Collaborate with the Director of Volunteer and Community Outreach to recruit, retain, and release customer care volunteers
  • Weekly oversight of the sending of medical records to adopter veterinarians
  • Oversee and guide daily front desk operations while taking staffing needs and policies into account
  • Oversee, develop and maintain adoption center standard operating procedures
  • Supervise proper documentation and review all adoption center financial transactions, including adoption fees and in-kind donations, ensure secure handling of all adoption center and retail revenues
  • Respond to and guide staff through challenging customer service situations, including dissatisfied visitors/callers
  • Oversee the accurate and thorough completion of database entries, animal and person records, adoption paperwork, and other related forms
  • Follow established protocols to clean, disinfect, and maintain the shelter and promote animal health
  • Close and secure the facility at end of shift, following security protocols
  • Facilitate animal intake and adoptions, as needed
  • Other responsibilities as directed


  • Exemplary customer service skills
  • Seasoned supervisory and management experience with a demonstrated ability to direct, lead, problem solve and offer support
  • Exceptional attention to detail and organizational skills with the ability to multi-task
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Advanced computer and phone literacy
  • Understanding and working knowledge of social media management
  • Highly motivated and creative with experience and a passion for connecting with current and future customers
  • Compassion for animals and human beings, and commitment to the mission, values, and goals of HSCC
  • Able to work well under pressure, in emotionally charged situations, and handle confrontation politely and professionally while working to find a solution
  • Ability to positively interact with colleagues, coworkers, and community members from widely varied backgrounds with integrity and honesty while always maintaining confidentiality
  • Willingness and ability to do moderate to heavy physical labor in relation to cleaning our facility and handling animals; ability to bend, twist, and lift at least 50 lbs. repeatedly throughout the course of a day
  • Willingness to work as a team member, pitch in as needed, and have fun



HSCC is seeking a dynamic leader with a commitment to collaboration, a dedication to community, and the skills to elevate the impact of an already high-performing organization and its staff. The President & CEO will be responsible for the successful leadership and management of the organization according to the strategic direction set in partnership with the Board of Directors. Key responsibilities include the planning and management of operational, financial, and people resources.  We are seeking someone with experience working with a non-profit with a strong understanding of working in a mission-driven organization which includes enthusiasm for - and exemplary skill in – fundraising and financial development. The successful candidate will demonstrate both interest and capacity to build relationships and work with our many community partners.

The ideal candidate will have demonstrated leadership skills and experience guiding a similarly sized ($1MM) organization. We’re looking for a charismatic and accomplished professional with experience achieving results – and who is innovative, flexible, and possesses expert communication and collaboration skills.

Founded in 1901, HSCC has been serving both the animals and people of Chittenden and Grand Isle counties for over 115 years. Our mission is to foster the compassionate treatment of animals and to prevent suffering. We are a private, independent, 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization that receives no city, state or federal funding. HSCC is not affiliated with any national organization, and relies solely on the revenue generated by our programs and the tremendous generosity of our individual and business donors and sponsors.

If you are interested in leading our team, please submit a resume and brief letter detailing your qualifications and passion for our work to



Position Summary

The Medical Assistant will serve as support to the Medical Care Manager in meeting the health care needs of HSCC’s animals (cats, dogs and small animals), and will learn skills essential for pursuing a career in animal care or veterinary medicine. The internship will involve daily animal care and cleaning, animal handling and restraint, administering vaccines and treatments, helping to draw blood, giving medication, providing transportation to and from local veterinary hospitals, data entry, and communicating effectively with the staff on individual animals’ health care issues and concerns.  Proper training and protective equipment will be supplied. Interns will be required to handle potential fractious animals for examination and procedures, handle cleaning chemicals such as bleach on a regular basis, and lift up to 50 lbs. Special projects required for college credit can be accommodated.

Essential Functions

  • Assist with restraint and examination of animals upon intake to evaluate overall health status
  • Perform safe, humane handling of all animals making every effort to minimize stress
  • Administer vaccines and oral medications daily
  • Assist with medical procedures/tests such as blood draws, urine collection, fecal testing, etc.
  • Accurately maintain and organize animal medical files and assist with computer data entry
  • Perform routine tasks such as feeding and cleaning/disinfecting animal cages and supplies
  • Assist with med room inventory and filling medications
  • Assist with scheduling and transportation for spay/neuter, veterinary, and grooming appointments
  • Other duties as assigned

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

  • Desire to learn about companion animal health, veterinary medicine, and proper animal handling skills
  • Interest in animal sheltering and animal welfare
  • Experience in a veterinary hospital or animal welfare organization, and/or coursework in a related field of study
  • Excellent time management skills with the ability to multi-task
  • Ability to take direction, follow protocols, and communicate (written & verbal) effectively
  • Upbeat, friendly, and outgoing personality with a commitment to superior animal care
  • Ability to work well under pressure and in intense and emotional situations on a daily basis
  • Willingness to: work as a team member, pitch in as needed, and have fun
  • Ability to commit to 10 hours/week minimum, and be on-time and reliable
medical assistant applicants should EMAIL heather klaff, MEDICAL CARE MANAGER, at